Kid Mobile

Kidmobile app let you track your kids to ensure they are always safe and accessible. It continuously tracks the kids location and can alert you in case they divert from their usual routine. Also it can take photos and record audio and video at regular intervals to keep you updated about your child’s location.

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Trace School Bus

Trace School Bus application is an integrated app with school, when school has registered for the Shiksha's Trace School Bus Service. TSB provides unique solution to solve worries for all the parties leveraging latest technologies(GPS, RFID) in market - School can view all the vehicle movement sitting in their office. Parents can see their bus movement on mobile, being informed of real time location and traffic situation school authorities can notify parents about any planned or unplanned delays, reduce call traffic from worried parents, remove person dependency, In case of driver's absence device tells the route and stoppages to new driver, deviation from planned route, over speeding can be notified to school authorities to avoid anything uncalled for. So, It brings better school-Parent relationship.

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School Chat

Shiksha Communication App is the solution for education institute. It has all what today’s education institute needs – 100% reach to the Parents, Time Saving, Cost Efficient and Branding. Control Panel for School Admin to publish Notice on School Notice Board. Educator/ Class Mentor app, which helps class mentors/coordinators to share homework, assignments and messages with parents. Parent app, which will help school keeping parents updated about the activities going on in school, show timely notices and allow parents to interact with the Class mentor, Admin or Coordinators. There are three major functionalities namely – NOTICE BOARD, GROUP CHAT and INDIVIDUAL CHAT.



1 By 4 Car

1By4Car believes that everyone should have access to affordable transport, and that being on the road can be cheap, green and fun.

By sharing a ride, people can save gas and money, reduce auto emissions and make new friends. Carpooling also helps reduce pollution, traffic, parking and road maintenance. It benefits everyone and people can share experiences and help each other.

We want to make carpooling easy, safe and accessible to all. In just a few seconds, drivers can offer empty seats and passengers can book a ride to their destination. People can check user profiles and choose who they want to ride with, how much space and comfort they need, where they want to meet and what they are willing to pay.

Cheapest Medicine

A medical care system revamp product. Which has potential to change the face medical industry.This web application delas with the latest medicines,and also tried to bring the medical and the patient close so that each patient gets the best possible treatmnent without any effort.It also has a medical device related that is on the process of building that can record all the vital signs from a patients body and store it in our database for future use.The doctors can see the patients details from anywhere in the world just by logging into his account.And even the doctors can keep well track of the patients through this web application.



Times Of Mobile (TOM)

A mobile news integrator service, with the help of ad and personalized news build up, can act as complete news services on the run. It ensures you can get your personalized and favourite news on the run.

Photo Monitor

PhotoMonitor app can be used to track a person. Using this app you can track sales person, vehicles, spouse, loved ones on demand or at regular interval with photo/audio/ video anytime / anywhere. Whatever be the outcome, you would never be in doubt :). This android application can never be switched off and will keep tracking in the background. Even if the handset is switched off, the handset can be switched on automatically and it can continue tracking. This application has a server side functionality to check all the images captured by this application through the camera of the handset. The mode of the camera and the time interval of capturing the images can also be controlled remotely from anywhere in the world.



Talking Photograph

Talking photograph, the name itself represents its excellent feature. You can take picture & record the voice for your precious picture. The images are saved in photo gallery and are also uploaded onto centralised database so that it can be used across devices. You can view the photographs with voice and can search it date wise.You can also add title to the pictures to make memories last forever.

Mobile On PC

Pained when your mobile is getting charged, you have to run every time to pick it up from laptop. See the screen from the ease of laptop and use with ease of big screen and key board. Life would be much easier when in office and home.




Connect to yourfriend’s friend on the run on all the available networks. And the next step is a combination of online flirting with people in a certain range. Wouldn't that be fun when you can send a set of flowers or a gift to someone you see and likewhen you are sitting in a coffee shop or in the pub?

Innovative Customer Survey

A great app to take reviews which involves intercepting the customers, screening them for appropriateness. You can create a survey consisting of survey questions in your server and it can be viewed from your handset. You can access all the features from the handset only. You have the option to get more authentic surveys with location and photographs. The features are innumerable, use it and make your business a great success.




AugmentedMap is a mobile augmented reality app. It’s a fast and easy way to discover your world. Using this you can find nearest Atm, Bank, Bar, Beauty Saloon, Gym, Police station, Cafe, Restaurant, Hotel, Worship Place, Hospital, Movie Theatre, Museum, Shopping ,Lodging, Taxi stand, Bus Stand and lots more.You can get the address of the requirement with map location. This app will make your search become easy when you have a busy schedule. You can personalise the app by creating your account and save search history and favourite places.


Recruber is an on-line marketplace that connect Employers and Hiring Consultants. It’s for the purpose of interacting with individuals or entities assisting in the delivery of resumes to Employers ("Hiring Consultant" or "You", if appropriate) and persons seeking Employment whose resumes are delivered to Employer via the Website ("Candidates").

The Website may be used only for lawful purposes by Hiring Consultants for the purpose of placing Candidates with Employers and by Employers for the purpose of seeking employees and reviewing resumes (and other relevant information) provided by Hiring Consultants.




Baxi is India’s 1st on-demand Motorcycle Taxi Company. With Baxi you can escape Traffic Blues and reach your destination on Time. Due to Standard Pricing, you will always pay the same for the same Distance and Time. Baxi’s are about half the price of other last-mile commuting options in the market. Baxi’s Payment System means, you never have to worry about having change again! Every time you Top-up your Wallet, Baxi gives you 10% Extra.

Baxi promises a Safe, Secure, Clean and Hygienic ride. Passengers will be provided with a Helmet, a One-Time use Liner for the Helmet, and a Wet Wipe at the end of the Journey. All our buddies are tracked with a GPS System. To cover any unforeseen situations, you will get an insurance cover for both the Buddy and the Passenger.

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Edu Labs

The site creates assessment for the future-oriented learning environments. They manage your class tests more efficiently than ever, use mPAT to build and schedule in advance, 'Formative Assessments' for all subjects & their topics. Within few minutes, easily setup a quiz contest, topic or subject knowledge related contest at class or school level. They make home assignments with less customary and more effectively. Based on student performance in class tests, they build customized practice tests to meet specific knowledge requirement of every individual

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Plus At Home Lifecare

Plus At Home brings a High Quality holistic Healthcare and Life care services to the home and community with Integrity and a Commitment to serve. The company has grown from Strength to Strength in delivering consistent High Quality nursing and physician services to residents of Bangalore. Their mission is Life care brought to your home, Life care means holistic well-being for you and your family.

A team of committed nursing professionals led by medical and technology-savvy professionals with international experience.

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Giftxoxo provides a unique experience of gifting to your loved ones in India and provides with wide range of gifting products for all occasions. You can choose gifts from apparels, art, craft & divine, bags & accessories, candles & lamps, clocks & watches, confectionery, electronics, home & kitchen, office supplies & stationeries, party items, pendrives, sports and fitness, trophies & awards, flowers, cakes, chocolates, gift vouchers, gift cards, greeting cards, unique gifts and many more. Giftxoxo also provides you with XOXO Voucher which can be used to purchase any product on Giftxoxo website. You just need to order a gift and we take care of rest, from packaging to delivery on or before event date.

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Campus Labs

Campus Labs is a comprehensive suite of productivity tools for campus users that integrates users in their social context. A user can create & share information, activity and processes with others in the campus and beyond…

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